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Families with many children receive greetings with Saint Nicholas Day

The Managing Director of FxMed family and functional medicine clinic, Serhii Dmytrovych Yuriev, greeted the kids from families with many children, who are clients of Holosiivskyi Raion (in Kyiv) Center of Social Services for the Family, Children and the Youth, with Saint Nicholas Day and gave them festive gifts. https://golos.kyivcity.gov.ua/news/13005.html

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The children also received greetings with Saint Nicholas Day and New Year’s gifts from:

— Great Happiness of a Little Child, Charitable Foundation;

— Tetiana Kotseba, Chair of the Board of the Federation of Women for Peace in the Whole World, an international nongovernmental organization;

— Polina Krupchak, the founder of The Founders of the Future, Charitable Foundation;

— Wines of the World Trade House;

— Zinka goat breeding farm;

— Ternopil Dairy Plant PrJSC.

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