Our mission:

The mission of our Foundation is developing charity in Ukraine, for there can never be too much kindness and participation.

The purpose of our Foundation is to use the funds donated by benefactors with the utmost effectiveness to support those despaired of ever receiving help.

Our motto: helping with open heart!

The Founders of the Future, Charitable Foundation is a noncommercial organization having the main purpose of providing charitable assistance in supporting and promoting social programs that help socially vulnerable persons.

We favor a systemic approach to charity: not putting out more and more “fires”, but aiming all efforts to create an efficient fire extinguishing system.

Every day, thousands of people leave the country in search of better life and justice; however, there are many opportunities to build a dream country, in which people would want to stay and live.

One of the main objectives of our project is popularization of charity and volunteering. We see ourselves as a project of successful stories. All our efforts are aimed to make sure that every story of those who believed in us has a happy end.

“Everybody can help” is not enough anymore. “Helping together!” – that’s the sense of our work. We offer various methods and opportunities of helping those in need.

All programs and projects of our Foundation are implemented solely with your charitable donations, and your subscriptions to monthly donations help assure us that we will be able to bring help on time, when it’s needed the most.

We believe that participation in charity not only helps those who suffer but also warms the hearts of charity givers themselves, filling their lives with a new sense.

The objectives of our Foundation include social support and protection of citizens, promotion of education, science, culture, enlightenment, spiritual development of personality, environmental protection.

By supporting the projects and programs of The Founders of the Future, Charitable Foundation, you help orphans and children with disabilities – those who desperately need support, warmth and participation; those whose own resources are running out.